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Working for students and businesses by sourcing and selecting quality work experience positions and offering a flexible solution to staffing requirements.

Whether you are a student, a business, or a university, Placement Finders has the right solution for you.

We offer work experience positions in Spain for European students & internship placements in the UK for Spanish students.

If you are an undergraduate looking for a work placement either as a compulsory or optional part of a degree programme please see our Student section.

If you represent a university and are looking for work experience openings for your students please go to our Universities section.

About Placement Finders

Placement Finders is primarily a work experience intermediary company supplying European undergraduates to all kinds of businesses in Spain and the UK. We provide a cost effective solution to both short and long-term human resource needs (please visit our Employers section for more information). 

We find the students for the vacancies and the vacancies for the students.

A recent addition to Placement Finders activities is reversing the procedure – sending people from Spain to England. Through our UK based partner we are able to offer work experience in London and other areas for learners of English. 

The organisation

The Placement Finders team is a compact and focused group, with international experience in the work placement industry. We are an independent, limited company based in southern Andalucía, but our large network of contacts enables us to cover a much wider area, including major cities, small towns and rural areas throughout Spain. 

What is a work placement?

A work placement is seen as a major vehicle enabling students to make the connection between academic studies and the world of work, putting theory into practice and equipping them with skills needed to work in a professional environment. Students spend from three to nine months abroad, experiencing the work place first hand.

A work placement is a career investment; helping develop employability. A graduate with work experience has a substantially increased chance of finding employment within an increasingly competitive market.

We aim to:

  • Increase student mobility.
  • Enhance employment opportunities.
  • Provide cost effective solutions to staffing needs.
  • Increase understanding of commercial culture in the host country.
  • Add practical experience to academic knowledge.
  • Facilitate a rewarding commercial, cultural and social experience.
  • Promote internationalisation.


A Few Student Testimonials:

"Applying for Placement Finders was a decision which I shall never regret nor forget, as the experience that I gained professionally and linguistically is absolutely invaluable for my degree course and for my future career plans. After spending 2.5 months translating in a law firm, I acquired good business contacts within the company in which I worked, and my Spanish improved as a result of the work which was regularly passed on to me. I would recommend using this service to anybody looking to improve not only their Spanish but also their professional skills in a foreign work environment, as anyone can reap the benefits from the variety placements on offer." (Alex Edwards) 

“I found Placement Finders extremely helpful. I sent my CV to Placement Finders along with some information about myself, for example which areas of work I was particularly interested in, and the response was immediate. Within a couple of weeks, I had heard back from a number of potential placements and had my first telephone interview. Shortly after this, I had another interview with a company via Skype and this is the placement that I was eventually offered. Michelle was extremely friendly and couldn´t have been more helpful. She kept in contact with me throughout the process, helping to negotiate the terms and conditions of my contract with the company and making sure that I was happy and comfortable with placement. If I had any problems or questions I didn´t need to hesitate to email Michelle and she was happy to help. I have been working at a private language school in Huelva, Andalucía for the past 2 months now and I´m enjoying every minute of it!” (Hayley Mulraney)

 “Placement Finders saved my year abroad! I was found the perfect placement for me with a company that I would never have found alone. I've gained crucial work experience as well as all important language skills that will hopefully help me to land the perfect job after graduation.” (Clare Ainsworth)  

“Michelle helped me find the most beautifully located apartment right in the heart of Malaga near to everything I needed and within walking distance of my job. Through my job I am gaining valuable professional experience and meeting interesting people. With her help, settling into a foreign city has been a breeze”. (Lucy Davies)

For further information and answers to any questions you may have please contact Placement Finders.

Please click on the following link to see a short TV interview on Placement Finders: Placement Finders Report

Whether you are a student, a business, or a university, Placement Finders has the right solution for you

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